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What is Media Buying

A media buy is simply what it sounds like, buying media. You purchase advertising on a website or network of websites for a set time or budget. For example, you could email me and offer to buy the 300×250 banner placement on the right side of this post for $250 for a month. You are purchasing that media placement at a set rate for a set time. Often with media buys you will purchase the space at a set CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions). In that case, you would pay maybe $3.00 for every 1,000 times you banner is viewed (not clicked). Sounds good, but why is a media buy better than just buying some traffic on AdWords?

What We Provide

Adstart Media’s online media buying team develops online media plans that are driven by branding strategy, focused on encouraging target audience behaviors and grounded in business objectives. We help clients initiate contact with prospective customers in the online space during the most opportune times. Our online media plans reach into life stages, buying and business cycles and behavioral moments that provide immediate results, ROI and marketing intelligence.

There are three integral aspects of the media buying process:

Networking: Media purchasers must be able to develop and nurture relationships with important channel owners. Airtime is not unlimited and in order to get the optimal spaces, it is important to know the right people.

Investigation: Find the latest, greatest, and most appropriate venues for distribution. Keeping up on the media trends is an essential task when it comes to media buying. The evolution of the communications business must be understood; purchasers must be on top of new platforms and their target markets and be able to translate that into beneficial client recommendations.

Negotiation: Media buyers should not only be able to negotiate fair prices for the media slots. But also find deals or extras to profit clients

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