Setting the standard for mobile attribution analytics

Our web analytics and tracking solution helps marketers accurately pinpoint their targeting, optimize their ad spend and boost the ROI.

Core functionalities:

Understand the ROI of your investments.

It’s easy to count website visits or impressions. But how do you know what else to measure to better understand user engagement? Our tracking component measures all the important metrics from the first click all the way to the actual transaction.

Measure what matters.

Know exactly how the first version of your new landing page is being used so that you can prioritise investments in the next version. Our platform enables you to measure what matters and understand usage behavioural patterns. The result is a clear understanding of user engagement allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

Understand the role of mobile in your customer journey.

Our tracking and analytics solution allows you to measure and compare all digital channels in a unified way in order to understand the multi-channel customer behavioural patterns. With this information, you can further optimize the user experience across the entire customer journey.

Optimize your mobile campaigns.

You’ve launched a new mobile campaign because you know your customers are performing their pre-purchase research on mobile. Ensure that your mobile campaigns are working by tracking conversion and sales data generated through the mobile channel and comparing it to other channels. Then take action to drive increased transactions for your campaigns.

Perform adhoc investigative analysis of users activity.

If your users begin mysteriously abandoning carts at a rapid rate, you need to find the cause. Our tracking platform gives you the opportunity to explore and interact with your digital data in an ad-hoc fashion pushing your analysis to a new depth offering a new and meaningful perspective on the customer journey.

It’s time to truly understand your customers!

See the complete picture of how your audience interacts with your brand across any digital channel at any time. Open the door to powerful marketing opportunities, better experiences for your customers and better business for your company. Use Digital Analytics to turn knowledge into power.

Key  Capabilities

  Unlimited data collection

  Configurable digital dashboards

Location Services

 Extensive data export

 Custom and calculated metrics

  Standard and customized analytics reporting

 Ad-hoc data exploration to unlimited dimensions

 Multi-channel ad campaign measurement

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